Great Blue Heron

My family and I went on canoe trips to the Ozarks every Summer, and we got used to seeing these birds wading on the riverside or flying like a pterosaur overhead. Far from rare, yet I’ll always get excited every time I spot one.

Basically my spirit animal.

The black/white version was made with fountain pens and ink wash. Next, I scanned it and quickly splashed on some color in Photoshop.

This Spring was busy with wedding preparations and finishing the school year, but it wasn’t entirely unproductive…

Lindsey & I gave away custom etched pint glasses to our wedding guests. We applied a die cut sticker of my squid & whale design to each glass, and handed them over to Becca from etchville (a friend who runs a local glass etching business) to blast the image onto the glass.

The process also worked really well on stainless steel tumblers.

Despite how tedious applying the sticker could be, Lindsey & I really enjoyed the process. I’m hoping to make glasses with my own artwork on it somewhere down the road.